"what sort of pain is it when you first have sex. kinda nervous about it. also, yeah this is getting awkward, but what if your not wet enough and its so painful?" by Anonymous

it’s uncomfortable when you first do it. like the first couple times, you’re so tight and it’s not going to be pleasurable for you. after you get used to it (maybe 2-3 times) you’ll enjoy it. it feels amazing. as for being wet enough, just make foreplay a must. you need to be wet or else it’ll suck for the both of you. -j

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"All of my friends have had sex and i'm 15 ofcourse i fantasize about how it would feel like and stuff but tbh i'm just not ready and i think that i'm just to young i'm really scared and i have a boyfriend we have been dating for over a year now and he really wants to do it and my friends keep pushing me to do is but i'm just not ready to do it but i wanna satisfy him to what should i do ?" by Anonymous

sweetie you DO NOT need to have sex to satisfy him. he should understand that right off the bat. your friends that are pressuring you have no right to do so. i waited until I was very comfortable and very ready because i knew it wouldn’t be what i thought it would be the first time i did it. and it wasn’t. it sucked the first few times. but now, my current boyfriend and i are so in love and can’t keep our hands off of each other. understand that your relationship is special as it is. if you feel like you’re not ready, you’re not ready. i promise. you’ll know when you’re ready to lose it to your boyfriend. sex is so intimate and you’ll connect on such a deeper level once you do it with someone you love. when you’re ready, go ahead. for now, you aren’t. so just let it happen when it needs to happen :) -j

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"Kristi, how many times have you had sex.. With how many people?" by Anonymous

Only 2 people but I have no idea how many times -k

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Hey it’s kristi and I completely dropped of the face of the earth for a while there. I have been doing college aps and I was at the beach all summer. I actually haven’t been on this or my other tumblr in months, I needed a break from everything for a while and I have never been happier. I have not decided when I will continue to write or if I will because I see the hate that is sent to us and I know it’s not all of you but I do not want to deal with it anymore. I might start writing after all my college stuff is in but for right now I’m writing essays upon essays about stupid college shit. And TRUST me when I say I would much rather be writing about sex. Also some people were asking if they could ask questions about sex on here and the answer is OF COURSE! I am 17 so I may be young but I have tons of experience and would love to share it with anyone. I’m extremely sorry for leaving and I love all of you who stayed!!!!

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"When's your birthday?!" by Anonymous

june 19th :)

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"Me and you share the same birthday!! I'm a different anon though" by Anonymous

awww that’s so cool! i never meet people that share the same birthday as me! :D


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Sir, Yes Sir - Sneak Peek

so this will be more on the detailed side since it will be one of my last one shots on here :( so sorry if it doesn’t jump to sexy stuff ASAP haha i just really wanna give you guys my all. :)

After engorging in the amazing dinner Mrs. Bieber prepared, and after several hugs, kisses and good-byes being exchanged from our loved ones, Justin led me out of the house and into our tiny car.

The drive home was silent but didn’t hold an awkward atmosphere. I hadn’t let go of his hand since we ate dinner and I smiled once he brought my fingers up to his lips, kissing every knuckle while his eyes watched the road.

“You’re awfully quiet.” Justin murmured while fidgeting with my wedding ring. I shrugged absentmindedly once he flicked his gaze onto me briefly.

“I actually had a lot to say to you but it all sort of vanished after finally being able to touch my husband for the first time in seven months.”

For some reason my tone came off as bitter which seemed to surprise both of us.

“Dana—” He began.

“I’m sorry.” I cut him off. “I didn’t mean for it to come out that way, I just…I’ve missed you so much, Justin. And I know I told you that I was okay with this but it’s been hard.”

Justin swiftly pulled into the driveway of our little townhouse, killed the engine and turned to face me. His eyes scanned over me calmly before he nodded his head towards his lap.

“Come here.”

Obliging quickly, I undid my seatbelt before crawling into his lap, straddling him. One of his hands curled around my waist while the other tangled in my hair, pulling me closer.

“You mean so much to me,” He whispered huskily, pressing his forehead to mine. “And I know how hard I’ve made things for you baby, I do.”

Justin paused to lick his lips as he closed his eyes, brushing his mouth against mine. “But it’s been a really shitty seven months and right now I just need you to kiss me until I’m begging to fucking breathe.”

His words surprised me but I didn’t hesitate to crash my lips down onto his, groaning into his mouth as my fingers twisted their way into his hair.

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"I know you've probably done this before, but can you recommend some great stories to read (including sexual content-or not) and where to find them if possible, thanks Xx" by Anonymous

check my jbff master post: :) i really need to update it tho.

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"Hey Asher, do you have any unpublished stories? If so can you publish them here before you conpletely leave? I'll miss your writing so much ! Love you!" by Anonymous

i don’t really have any unpublished stories worth reading :/ but i am working on fanfic ideas while finishing up the one shots for you guys. i’ll be sure to let you know if anything changes with that. :)

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"Hey Asher when is your birthday? Just curious" by Anonymous

june 19th


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