"Me and you share the same birthday!! I'm a different anon though" by Anonymous

awww that’s so cool! i never meet people that share the same birthday as me! :D


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Sir, Yes Sir - Sneak Peek

so this will be more on the detailed side since it will be one of my last one shots on here :( so sorry if it doesn’t jump to sexy stuff ASAP haha i just really wanna give you guys my all. :)

After engorging in the amazing dinner Mrs. Bieber prepared, and after several hugs, kisses and good-byes being exchanged from our loved ones, Justin led me out of the house and into our tiny car.

The drive home was silent but didn’t hold an awkward atmosphere. I hadn’t let go of his hand since we ate dinner and I smiled once he brought my fingers up to his lips, kissing every knuckle while his eyes watched the road.

“You’re awfully quiet.” Justin murmured while fidgeting with my wedding ring. I shrugged absentmindedly once he flicked his gaze onto me briefly.

“I actually had a lot to say to you but it all sort of vanished after finally being able to touch my husband for the first time in seven months.”

For some reason my tone came off as bitter which seemed to surprise both of us.

“Dana—” He began.

“I’m sorry.” I cut him off. “I didn’t mean for it to come out that way, I just…I’ve missed you so much, Justin. And I know I told you that I was okay with this but it’s been hard.”

Justin swiftly pulled into the driveway of our little townhouse, killed the engine and turned to face me. His eyes scanned over me calmly before he nodded his head towards his lap.

“Come here.”

Obliging quickly, I undid my seatbelt before crawling into his lap, straddling him. One of his hands curled around my waist while the other tangled in my hair, pulling me closer.

“You mean so much to me,” He whispered huskily, pressing his forehead to mine. “And I know how hard I’ve made things for you baby, I do.”

Justin paused to lick his lips as he closed his eyes, brushing his mouth against mine. “But it’s been a really shitty seven months and right now I just need you to kiss me until I’m begging to fucking breathe.”

His words surprised me but I didn’t hesitate to crash my lips down onto his, groaning into his mouth as my fingers twisted their way into his hair.

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"I know you've probably done this before, but can you recommend some great stories to read (including sexual content-or not) and where to find them if possible, thanks Xx" by Anonymous

check my jbff master post: :) i really need to update it tho.

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"Hey Asher, do you have any unpublished stories? If so can you publish them here before you conpletely leave? I'll miss your writing so much ! Love you!" by Anonymous

i don’t really have any unpublished stories worth reading :/ but i am working on fanfic ideas while finishing up the one shots for you guys. i’ll be sure to let you know if anything changes with that. :)

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"Hey Asher when is your birthday? Just curious" by Anonymous

june 19th


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"Do you have like a link for all your oneshots because I just found the page and I keep scrolling down every time I wanna read something xD" by Anonymous

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"Asher,I have truly loved reading the short stories you have given us;I really want to thank you for that.You have such an amazing talent for writing and it probably wont be the same,however I also thank Kristi for inviting a talented writer to be part of the JBOS team.I really do look forward to your last several one-shots on this site,and hope you can continue doing what you love; writing.If you do write another story,make sure to mention it on here as there are plenty who would enjoy it <3" by Anonymous

this made me tear up omg thank you so much for this it means the absolute world to me. i can’t thank you guys enough for giving my writing a chance, i love you all.

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"Asher, I absolutely adore your writing skills and although it's unfortunate you won't be posting any longer on this blog, I'd really be interested In reading any other pieces you may write. Would you mind sharing a link where I could read any of your other things? xx" by Anonymous

omg thank you so much love! and yeah once i get back into writing fanfics i’ll share a link or you can simply search my name on jbff+ (it’s DistrictBieber ((i also have a story on there right now but i haven’t updated it in a year and it’s only 1 chapter))). :)

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hey guys.
so recently i’ve decided that i’m no longer going to be a member of this page. it’s not just bc of hate messages or people not liking my writing, i just literally feel overwhelmed and stressed when it comes to updating this page and i really don’t need anymore of that since i have enough of it outside of tumblr. when kristi asked me to join this page over a year ago i was excited and happy to post and actually ENJOYED writing for you guys but now i literally have to make myself write out a simple one shot and it’s no fun for me anymore. before i came here i wrote fanfictions lmao, so switching from that to one shots strictly about sex frightened me bc i didn’t want you guys thinking i reused the same tactic over and over but apparently i failed and i can’t hear the end of it so i’m just not gonna do it anymore.
some of you need to understand that i’m only 16. half the things i write about i probably shouldn’t even know so when you guys ask me to write things involving 69, gang bangs, guy-on-guy, etc. it makes me uncomfortable. and i’m not a prude and i understand that some people like reading about that stuff, but it’s not something i enjoy writing about which gives me another reason for believing i’m incompatible with this page.

however, as a parting gift for those of you who have been so understanding and patient with us, i am going to attempt to complete the rest of the one shots i was going to include in the writing spree and post them. i’m not sure when since school starts back in two weeks for me, but i will try to have them up no later than halloween.

i’m so sorry if i disappointed any of you by choosing to leave but i’m really not happy here anymore and i honestly want to start getting back to writing fanfics. i can’t thank you guys enough for allowing me to share my writing with you and for the heartfelt comments you guys have left! each and every one means everything to me and although i don’t want to disappoint any of you, i think leaving is going to be what’s best for me. i hope you understand.

so, i will be working on my last 4 one shots for this page and hope to have them up for you guys before the end of october. :) thank you so much for everything!


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"Hey, don't let them put you down. I honestly check everyday and I love your one shots. Nothing is the same at all and they're always worth the wait. They really really are. I'm a writer too and I know what it's like to be trying to please people (I'm the author of Tempted, I don't know if you know what that fan fic is but that's meeee) so I totally feel you. Just stay positive and done go! There are plenty of us here that love you and are ok with waiting :)" by Anonymous

thank you so much for understanding but lately i’ve just completely lost motivation to write for this page. it’s not fun for me anymore and i want to give you guys good/different scenarios but it’s difficult for me bc some aspects of what others want from my writing don’t interest me. i’m not an expert in sex and sometimes i don’t even enjoy writing about it bc i feel like i can give you guys waaay more than that. i really don’t feel like i belong here anymore and it’s honestly making me lose motivation to even write so i think leaving would be best for me.

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