Pool Sex

             Running at full speed, Justin leapt into the water, splashing it into my face. I laughed and ducked my head under, fixing my hair. Feeling a pair of arms wrap around my waist, I was suddenly pulled up. My head bobbed to the surface of the pool and I saw him in front of me.

            Meeting his eyes above the water, he pulled me into him, our stomachs pressed together. I pushed his hair out of his face, slicking it away from his eyes. He leaned in and pressed his lips on mine, his soft, moist skin brushing against my own.

            Running his fingers through my hair, he wrapped one arm around my waist, digging his fingers into my side. Our kiss gradually deepened, our tongues molding together.

            Feeling his length pressed against my leg, I giggled into his lips.

            “You feel that?” He brought his mouth to my ear and whispered, “that’s how much I want you, baby.”

            I smiled like an idiot and felt my cheeks heat up, growing red. Lowering my face, I placed 5 soft kisses along his perfectly sculpted collarbones. Justin ran his fingers along my back, inched them down slowly, and gripped my ass in his palm.

            Reaching my hand down, I popped open the button holding his bathing suit together. He smirked and brought his lips back to mine, knowing I was mentally fucking every inch of him.

            I slid my hand down his trunks, gave his cock a quick rub, passed it completely, and massaged my palms on the inner section of his thighs. Grasping his length in my hands, I ran my fingers up and down the bottom, cupping my palm around his balls and rubbing them gently.

           He pulled my hand out out of his suit and hauled me to the edge of the pool, pressing me against the cold tiles.

            “My. Mom. Is. Inside.” I told him through kisses.

            “She isn’t watching,” Justin whispered, giving me a quick wink. He shook his head, tossing water around like a dog.

         “But-,” I argued, wiping the water droplets from my face.

         “But nothing,” he laughed, kissing my nose. Jumping out of his reach, I tried to swim away from him, diving into the water. The water washed over my head, filling my nose with the cold liquid around me.

         “You can’t run away from me, Cara!” Justin laughed, splashing behind me and grabbing my ankles.

         “Let go Jay!” I squealed, thrashing my legs around, causing my head to sink down under the water. Gripping my legs harder, Justin pulled my helpless body toward his, wrapping my legs around his muscular thighs. My head recovered and his eyes smoldered into mine.

         “Got you,” he mumbled deviously. He pressed his length against my sex, only separated by the thin material of my bathing suit. Wiggling his hips, his already unbuttoned swim trunks released from around his cock, letting it bob free in the water.

         He hooked his finger into my bottoms, pulling it to the side. The water hit my sex with a cooling sharpness. Placing his length at my entrance, he jerked his hips forward, filling me almost all the way before pulling out again.

         “Shit, Justin!”

         Grunting, he thrusted into me again, kissing me with conviction, catching my groans between his lips. His hips fitting perfectly between my legs, he picked up the pace, holding me tight against the wall.

         I slid my hands across his drenched chest and wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him closer. With each thrust, the water swirled around us, hitting the edge of the pool and splashing over. 

         “Jesus fucking Christ, Justin,” I moaned breathlessly.

         Unable to get enough of him, I wrapped my legs around his torso, digging my heels into his ass and pushed him deeper.

         “Cara?” Justin grunted and slowed his pace, grinding in circles and hitting my g-spot every time.


“Are you on the pill?” 

I nodded, feeling his pace quicken once again. Holding my waist down, he jerked his entire body into me.

         “Good,” he grunted, releasing himself into me as I reached my climax. My eyes rolled backward as he sunk his his teeth into his bottom lip. Feeling myself tighten around him, I lifted my head and pressed our lips together, letting the orgasm take over.

         Slowing his pace into jagged movements, he rode my orgasm out before pulling himself free.

         Leaning in, he brought his lips to my ear lobe, taking it into his mouth and sucking on it gently. 

“I told you she wouldn’t see us.”

Pointing toward the kitchen, I watched as my mom obliviously filled the dishes into the sink, singing to her iPod that was most likely blasting through the living room speakers.

         I pulled away laughing. “You got lucky.”

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